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Offering Divorce Mediation and More

Mediation is a confidential, informal, and voluntary way to resolve disagreements. During mediation, parties discuss their disputes with a trained impartial third person who helps them reach a settlement. At Try Mediation, Inc. in Charlotte, NC, we aim to defuse potentially destructive conflicts in a way that’s tailored to both party’s needs.

No one needs to know that you are engaged in a dispute. At Try Mediation, Inc, you will enter into an agreement that communications are privileged and cannot be used in future legal action in the event of an unsuccessful outcome. Unlike court battles which can take weeks, months, or sometimes even years, mediation sessions can be scheduled swiftly. Enjoy a faster resolution process, lower legal fees, and get back to enjoying your life sooner.

Don’t spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on lengthy litigation. Mediation services can solve your disputes at a minimal expense. Contact us today by phone or email for a consultation regarding your mediation needs.

Elizabeth Todd, Esq.,  Certified Mediator by the NC Dispute Resolution Commission, has practiced law for more than 26 years. Nearly any type of conflict can be mediated, including divorce, business, construction, real estate, employment, and Homeowner Association disputes. Call Try Mediation, Inc. today to get started.

 What is Mediation?

Unlike a Judge or Arbitrator, a mediator does not decide how your problem or claim should be resolved. A Mediator is a neutral professional that will...

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 Why Mediation?

Did you know that most cases in most Courts in N.C. are ordered to Mediation before they can be tried?

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 Why Try Mediation?

Elizabeth Todd, experienced litigator and Certified Mediator, empowers people to resolve their disputes without the extensive fees, time, or aggravation of litigation.

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