Did you know that in North Carolina if you litigate your divorce it will be ordered by the Court to Mediation!

So, why not start there?

Divorce Mediation

Negotiating a divorce settlement doesn’t have to be complicated. Meditation is a voluntary process used to resolve disputes without costly litigation. Try Meditation, Inc., in Charlotte, NC offers professional divorce mediation coordinated by experienced litigator and Certified Mediator, Elizabeth Todd. With the assistance of a divorce mediator, spouses have the opportunity to make important decisions that eventually form the basis of their marital settlement agreement. A mediator does not take sides but rather aims to protect the best interests of both spouses and their children.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Divorce mediation is the best option for spouses who wish to obtain a peaceful divorce or separation. With mediation, no attorneys are needed for the mediation process and both parties have the opportunity to make decisions for the wellbeing of their family. During meditation, a neutral trained mediator will guide the spouses through a variety of important topics, such as:

  • How to divide assets and debts
  • How to determine child support
  • How to agree on parenting arrangements
  • How to determine alimony or spousal support
  • Steps necessary for divorce
  • Referral to an attorney or self-help to make your agreement legally binding

What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

No matter the circumstances, divorce is hard on a family. However, you can reduce turmoil amongst spouses and children when you avoid the high-stress environment of a courtroom. Mediation is a more peaceful option that eliminates attorneys battling on your behalf. Unlike a litigated divorce, there is no winner or loser in the mediation process. The mediator helps spouses reach a settlement that is acceptable to both parties. This results in significant time and money savings and a mutually fair outcome.

Why Hire a Professional Mediator?

A trained divorce mediator will ensure that your settlement is reasonable, fair, and balanced. An experienced mediator will also know what topics to cover during mediation and how to guide you throughout the process to ensure there are no major decisions you’ve missed. A mediator does this without giving specific legal advice to either spouse. Mediators will also help couples work past obstacles that may be impeding their progress towards a settlement.

In North Carolina, mediation is required in a litigated or contested divorce. With most cases being settled during mediation, why not avoid litigation altogether. If you’re facing a divorce, contact Try Meditation, Inc. to schedule a consultation.

Just of a few of the topics covered during mediation are:

How do we divide our assets and debts? Eg Bank Accounts, 401Ks, Pension Plans, real property, household goods.

How do we agree on parenting arrangements?

How do we figure out child support?

How do we figure out spousal support or alimony?

What are the steps to Divorce?

Do we have to state a reason or cause for the divorce?

Do we have to have a Separation Agreement?

Do we have to use attorneys?

Do we have to appear in court?

Where do we file?

What is the cost?

How much child support will I have to pay?

Are child support and spousal support tax-deductible?

Selling the house: Capital Gains Social Security: How is it affected by divorce?

Retirement Plans Tax Issues