What can be Mediated?

Unlike a Judge or Arbitrator, a Mediator does not decide how your problem or claim should be resolved. A Mediator is a neutral professional that will help the parties navigate through a dispute resolution process which should be tailored for the parties needs. In Mediation, if successful, the parties reach a mutually accepted outcome of the dispute.

Just about anything and everything can be Mediated- divorce, Homeowner Association, business, real estate, construction and employment disputes.   You can mediate your claim or dispute with or without the assistance of legal counsel. The Mediation, as agreed to by the parties, is Confidential and cannot be used in future legal action if the Mediation is unsuccessful.

Did you know?...

Most cases in most Courts in N.C. are ordered to Mediation before they can be tried?  Did you know that most cases are settled at Mediation before they are tried?

Did you know that many contracts require a form of dispute resolution prior to formal legal action, eg mediation or arbitration?

Did you know that in 2013 the N.C. Legislature required all Home Owners Associations to advise Home Owners that they have a right to request a voluntary mediation for all disputes except those involving payment of dues or assessments?

It just makes good sense to try mediation.

Getting Started...

Try Mediation will help you get started and help you decide if mediation is the right action for your dispute. Contact Elizabeth Todd by phone or email for a Free Consultation regarding your potential mediation needs and fee estimate.

Of litigation cases in N.C. settle at mediation.
Savings on legal fees.
Faster Resolution Process.